Tryout FAQ


What does it cost to play? It doesn’t cost the players anything to play. A $500 deposit will be necessary at the beginning of the season, but it will be returned at the end of the season if equipment is returned. There will also be opportunities throughout the season to earn additional incentives during the season.

Does the team pay for travel? Yes, the team will cover travel expenses if traveling with the team. Arrangements outside of the team will not be covered by the team.


When and where for practice? The schedule for practice and location are still being worked. Practices will start in January and will be a combination of week night and weekend days. Typically there are 3-4 practices a week for 2 hours a practice. Once games start, practices will drop to 2-3 times per week.


When do games start and how many do you play? The regular season starts late April and runs through June followed by post season play in July. The regular season consists of 8-10 games typically played on Saturday nights.

Where are the games? Home games will be played at Woodforest Bank Stadium in The Woodlands. Away games can be in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, New Orleans and another Houston location. Playoff and championship games can be anywhere in the continental US.


When and where will tryouts be held? The first tryout will be atWoodforest Bank Stadium at 6 PM on Oct 10th. Other tryouts may be schedule at a later date.


What are they looking for in players – experience, skill, etc? Since this is the first year of the Woodlands Wildcats, we need to fill all positions! No experience is necessary. The beauty of football is the variety of positions requires women of all shapes and sizes. All that we ask for is heart and a desire to play football. We teach the rest!


What should we expect at tryouts? Tryouts will be a series of drills to test the players speed, strength, agility and coordination.


What should I wear for tryouts? All you need to wear is comfortable workout clothes. You may wear cleats and football gloves if you desire, but they aren’t required.