Theresa Kamara

  • Age 29
  • City Houston
  • State TX
  • Uniform Number 11
  • Years Played 2

What position do you play? Defensive Back & Linebacker

Why do you want to play Football? I love a good challenge and its a fun sport

Who is your favorite player? JJ Watt

Why do you like this player?  He’s hard working & dedicated to his team and he has good heart.

What number are you and why did you choose it?  #11  It was my high school soccer number

What is your favorite NFL Team?  Texans

What is your favorite band or artist? Tupac/2pac

What is your favorite actor? Leslie Nielsen

What is your favorite movie? The Gods must be crazy

What is your favorite food?  African Food

What is your favorite holiday?   New Years

If you could meet one person living or not who would it be and why? President Obama because I admire his drive for success