Shari Ruelas

  • Age 47
  • City Omaha
  • State NB
  • Uniform Number 7
  • Years Played 3

What position do you play? Defensive Back

What other sports do you play:  Olympic Weight Lifting & Softball

Why do you want to play Football?Its  fun and its physically challenging

Who is your favorite player? Kurt Warner

Why do you like this player?  He is a down to earth midwestern guy that clawed his way to the top of the NFL.  He is an outspoken Christian with highest character.

What number are you and why did you choose it?  #7  Craig Biggio (I know wrong sport)

What is your favorite NFL Team?  Texans

What is your favorite band or artist? Pat Benetar

What is your favorite actor? Sheldon (Big Bang Theory)

What is your favorite movie?  Remember the Titans

What is your favorite food?  Ice Cream

What is your favorite holiday?   Thanksgiving

If you could meet one person living or not who would it be and why? Dana Torres- To understand how she completed at a very high level in her 40’s & 50’s