Elzary Asberry

  • Age 24
  • City Houston
  • State Tx
  • Uniform Number 90
  • Years Played 2

What position do you play?  Defensive Line

What other sports do you play:  Softball & Soccer

Why do you want to play Football? I love watching the game, but to play it is way more fun.  It has been my dream to play since I found out there was a league.

Who is your favorite player? Cam Newton & JJ Watt

Why do you like this player?  Very disciplined and hard working, talented players that are humble

What is your favorite NFL Team?  Texans!

What is your favorite band or artist? Gospel

What is your favorite actor?  Bernie Mac

What is your favorite movie?  The Pursuit of Happiness

What is your favorite food?  A home cooked meal

What is your favorite holiday?  St. Patricks Day (my birthday)

If you could meet one person living or not who would it be and why?

My uncle, he died when I was 2.  I have heard stories about him and he seemed like a fun, goofy, smart person.