Ashlee Garza

  • Age 26
  • City Spring
  • State TX
  • Uniform Number 76
  • Years Played 2

What position do you play?  Offensive Line

Why do you want to play Football? I love being on the field all suited up!  I have too much passion and love for football to sit in the stands

Who is your favorite player? Duane Brown

Why do you like this player?  He is one of the top offensive tackles.  He is also very humble and a great guy in the community.

What number are you and why did you choose that number?  #76 its Duane Brown’s number

What is your favorite NFL Team?  Texans!

What is your favorite band or artist? ADELE!

What is your favorite actor?  Ryan Gosling

What is your favorite movie?  Miss Congeniality

What is your favorite food?  Crawfish and Sushi

What is your favorite holiday?  Christmas

If you could meet one person living or not who would it be and why? Adele… Cause I love her!