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1)  Go to

2)  In the top right-hand corner, click ‘Create an Account‘.  If you have already created an online account using your Kroger card, click ‘Enroll Now’ and skip to Step 7

3)  Type in your email and create a password

4)  Type in your Kroger card number located on the back of your Kroger card, under the barcode

5)  Select your local store by typing in your zip code, then select your preferred store from the dropdown box

6)  An email confirming the creation of your account will be sent to your inbox.  Open the email and click the link.  Sign in with your email and newly created password.  You should be directed to the ‘Account Summary’ page of your account, if not follow steps 1 and 2.  Find the ‘Community Rewards’ panel in the bottom left of the page and click ‘Edit’

7)  In the ‘Find Your Organization’ box type in ‘11626‘ and click ‘Search’

8)  Select The Woodlands Wildcats by clicking the circle to the left

9)  Click ‘Save‘ and you’re done!  Make sure all of your family and friends who have different card numbers, sign up as well. You will continue to receive all of your Kroger® discounts and accumulate fuel points.  In addition, Kroger® will donate a percentage to the Wildcats based on the amount spent by Kroger® members enrolled in this program.  In other words, scan your card as you normally do for your purchases and the Wildcats will receive money.  The program simply requires you to list Wildcats as your non-profit organization of choice, once a year.